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Nerds 4

2008-05-30 14:08:18 by PhynStudios

The script is finished...
Uh... I've come up with a name for it too.

It'll be:
Nerds 4: Jobs that blow

So... yeh...

Great fun.

Stay sweet. Phynstudios

Messing about.

2008-02-11 18:37:49 by PhynStudios

Hmm, i found some great madness sprites the other day and i started to mess about with them... then what sprouted is something with the potential to be a decent tribute/flash.

It goes by the name of 'Villains'
It'll be in the kind of early 1950's American gangster style.
Much like the Godfather, i've even nicked the theme tune (y)

Heres a screenshot of one of the early scenes.

Love you.


PS. Clay animation vs animator 2 will be out soon... i promise :)

Messing about.

Alright ;D

2007-10-24 07:15:25 by PhynStudios

Since i've been like... asleep for the past year ive decided to wake up and do some animation again. As you can see Phyn III is up, as it Nerds 3.

Please try to enjoy them :)


2007-10-01 17:28:23 by PhynStudios

Uuuh, people who think ive been inactive for a while here you go;

The Phyn series will be carried on by my partner in crime Calderface, but it'll also be in my name for original idea... so no confusion there.

I will be making a 'clay animation vs animator 2' and i will also carry on the 'Nerds' episodes.

Also a few bits and bobs i feel like putting in when i fucking feel like it :)

Lots of love,